July 2017

Heart of the Sky by Fiona McArthur

  Reviewed by Wendy Lipke Heart of the Sky is a story about the Australian outback and the stoic women, disadvantaged by the great distance from treatment and support but not immune to the ravages of disease. Fiona McArthur, mother of five boys and a cricket fan, found inspiration for this book through Jane McGrath’s

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Angel’s Share by Kayte Nunn

  Reviewed by Wendy Lipke Kayte Nunn’s book Angel’s Share is a story which transports the reader from the competitive corporate world in London to the open-ness and beauty of a valley of vineyards in the Australian countryside with its ‘searing bright light and cloudless blue sky’. Matilda Cameron was a woman who directed million-pound

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Pachyderm by Hugh McGinlay

Reviewed by Ian Lipke Every now and again a book comes along that is different from the run of the mill yarn that crosses my desk with unfailing regularity. Pachyderm bubbles with the good humour of its creator. I mean if a character reports that he’s had his head up an elephant’s arse you’d want

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