Over is Out by Lachlan and Sarah Creagh

Reviewed by Angela Marie

What do you get when you cross a speech pathologist with a freelance illustrator? You get Over is Out.

Australian authors, Sarah and Lachlan Creagh, have delivered an appealing and beautifully-illustrated picture story book in their first literary collaboration.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Together the authors have harnessed the power of the visual to deliver concept learning in a fun format. They have used common positional prepositions, including between, under and behind, amongst others, with clarity and simplicity.

Yet this is not a simple book. Sarah and Lachlan Creagh have used the classic storytelling device of the fable to add subtle layers about friendship, trust, reserving judgement of others and embracing differences. We see a problem and we see a resolution.

This picture story book will be enjoyed within the home, yet has the substance to be investigated within the Prep and Year One classrooms, finding footing within the language, maths, science, social sciences and art curricula.

Time to test out Over is Out. Who better than five year old twins, Dario and Dante?

Angela: Let’s talk about dinosaurs. Why do you think young children love dinosaurs?

Dario: Because they’re scary.

Dante: Because they look like they’re fun!

Angela: What do you know about dinosaurs?

The descriptions tumble out……They have sharp teeth. They’re scary. They have giant feet. They only have two fingers. They have tails. They don’t have squared heads…..

Angela: Where would we find a dinosaur?

Dante: In the Jurassic period. Dario nods and adds: In a cave.

Angela: Would I ever meet a real dinosaur?

Dario and Dante: No… because they died… because of a asteroid or something…

Eager faces as I unveil and read aloud Over is Out by Lachlan Creagh and Sarah Creagh.

“You hit the ball over the fence.

You know what that means…

Over is Out!” 

The comments from Dario and Dante fly thick and fast: Someone bats and someone bowls and if you hit the wicket you’re out!… They have dinosaur neighbours… Their neighbours aren’t nice…The dinosaur’s hungry… He’s a T-Rex so he eats a lot.. I thought he was going to be eaten!

A little rounding up chat and then the verdict? Two thumbs up!

After the reading, younger brother, two and a half year old Luka, could not wait to get his hands on the picture book. “He’s scary,” he shared, looking up with a big grin before settling down to enjoy the illustrations. Yes, children love dinosaurs.

Over is Out has been presented with care, from its embossed lettering to its reassuring inside covers, depicting happy interactions with friendly dinosaurs.

Note to the authors: Hoping to see our little friends emerge on yet another adventure.

Over is Out


By Lachlan Creagh and Sarah Creagh


ISBN: 13579108642

30 pp; $16.99


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