August 2018

Sun Music: New and Selected Poems by Judith Beveridge

Reviewed by Ian Lipke It has been many years since I have enjoyed the comprehensiveness of a major poet, and striven to reach the intellectual level at which Judith Beveridge’s verse lies, relaxed and casually  presented in her Sun Music: New and Selected Poems. I am a huge fan of her breadth and especially the

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The Qur’an and the Bible by Gabriel Said Reynolds

Reviewed by Rod McLary “Exegesis’, or the critical interpretation of a religious text, has an extensive history dating back to 100 BCE.  It includes an investigation into the history and origins of the text and may also include the study of the historical and cultural background of the author and the text.  In Christian terms,

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Young Adult

Impostors by Scott Westerfeld

Reviewed by Ian Lipke It’s comforting to know that a reader can still find an honest, well-written, enjoyable thriller of the likes that Scott Westerfield writes. His new book is just that. It’s intended for Young Adult reading and fits that niche market quite neatly. It is the story of two sisters. Rafia is brought

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Tears for Tarshiha byOlfat Mahmoud

Reviewed by Norrie Sanders Exodus was Leon Uris’ influential novel about the birth of Israel, commemorating the extraordinary events which created a homeland for Jews after the Second World War. It was a story of hope following the horrors of Hitler’s holocaust. But another exodus took place at that time that has not been commemorated.

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General Fiction

Varina by Charles Frazier

Reviewed by Wendy Lipke Charles Frazier, in his new novel Varina, takes the reader back to the American Civil War years in America, just as he did in Cold Mountain, a very well-known novel of the recent past. The novel switches from the early 20th Century back to the 1840s quite seamlessly as we journey

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