March 2019

The Girl King By Mimi Yu

Reviewed by Ian Lipke This is one of the better fantasy novels that are being published at the moment. There is a storyline that creaks a bit, a series of strong characters that know how to keep a stiff upper lip, a group of minor characters who are tiresomely presented such that one wonders what

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Reviewed by Angela Marie How much rhythmic literary magic can be created from the imagination of one person? An infinite, innumerable amount if the author is Julia Donaldson. Add a talented illustrator to the mix and the result cannot fail to entertain both the reader and the read to. Think Julia Donaldson and we may

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The Devil Aspect by Craig Russell

  Reviewed by Rod McLary The Devil Aspect can be described as a modern Gothic horror story. It meets all the criteria for such a story – it effectively combines fiction and horror, death and romance, and is even placed within a Gothic castle in rural Czechoslovakia. Although the author is not German, there is

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When the Dogs Don’t Bark A Forensic Scientist’s Search for the Truth by Professor Angela Gallop

REVIEWED BY DR. KATHLEEN HUXLEY This fascinating book, written by Professor Angela Gallop one of the world’s leading forensic scientists, chronicles personal recollections of her knowledge and work on numerous renowned murder cases. Aa an eminent UK-based specialist, Gallop has “led forensic teams to find vital evidence in many of the UK’s most challenging cases”

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The Ultimate Animal Counting Book by Jennifer Cossins

Reviewed by Antonella Townsend It all starts with one Blue Whale. And did you know that a baby Blue Whale weighs 2700 kilograms at birth! And, its mother’s heart is a big as a car – the heartbeat can be heard three kilometres away!   And, a Blue Whale’s tongue weighs as much as an elephant!

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Simply Hot Pots by Amy Kimoto-Kahn

Reviewed by Antonella Townsend For the busy person there is nothing more appealing than a one-pot meal, it is the holy grail of culinary laziness, and better yet if the result suggests the cook is imbued with gastronomic flair. In Simply Hot Pots Amy Kimoto-Kahn provides all of the above in a 26 x 21

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