The Treehouse Joke Book 2 by Andy Griffiths

Reviewed by Patricia Simms-Reeve

This is, like most of its genre, a two-person book.  The reader tantalises and entertains the listener/s. Both are essential!  The reader has the better role, as the chuckles will be accompanied by the enjoyment of the illustrations by the gifted Terry Denton.

Like the Treehouse books loved by millions around the world, it’s the drawings in his unique exuberant style that increases the delight in this second joke book.

It is truly amazing that Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, effortlessly it seems, continue to produce strings of laughter-inducing books. They are working currently on the 143rd Tree House volume but find the zest to bring the second joke book to their legion of fans.

The jokes are fun. Some rely on clever word play, others are groan-worthy.

“Why did the dog cross the road?”  “To get to the barking lot!”

“If Batman and Robin were run over by a steamroller, what would they be called?”

“Flatman and Ribbon!”

“Why was there thunder and lightning in the lab.?” “Scientists were brainstorming!”

are just a few examples of what makes this book a welcome addition to a child’s bookshelf. Reading is always to be encouraged. Making it so enjoyable, as the Joke Book 2 does so well, is a valuable incentive for young readers.

There are many categories including Machines and Inventions, Waiters, Happy Families and Deep Thoughts. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal gift for any lover of the Treehouse series.

The authors, Andy and Terry, have sold over 10 million copies of their books in Australia alone. They are feted in 35 countries and, along the way, have collected multiple awards including Book of the Year for Children in 2015.

Their latest Joke Book 2 will not only be adding to their colossal number of sales, but will be stimulating hoots of laughter, chuckles and groans across the nation.

Teachers and parents will rejoice for this new volume, guaranteed to be rib-tickling fun.

The Treehouse Joke Book 2


by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Pan Macmillan

ISBN 978 1760 98051 1

$14.99; 244pp

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