Barcelona Dreaming by Rupert Thomson

Reviewed by Rod McLary

Rupert Thomson’s love for the titular city illuminates Barcelona Dreaming. It was the city in which the author lived for six years, where “the ordinary things were magical, a source of pleasure,” but where, at the same time, “sophisticated urbanization faded into run-down concrete apartment blocks and burnt-out cars, areas of weed-choked waste-ground and pale dust,” as he eloquently recalls in an essay for CrimeReads.

As in all Rupert Thomson’s critically acclaimed books, there is a fluidity in his writing that takes the reader places they never expected to go. Dreams and illusions are explored and broken, and at the end, the reader feels replete.

Barcelona Dreaming


by Rupert Thomson

Little, Brown

ISBN 978 147215 353 1

$29.99; 256pp

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