April 2022

General Fiction

Metronome by Tom Watson

Reviewed by Rod McLary In this debut novel, Tom Watson has crafted a dystopian view of a country where government approval to be pregnant is mandated; and the penalty for childbirth without approval is exile.  This is the fate of Aina and Whitney – a twelve-year exile to what appears to be an island, isolation

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Mindwandering by Moshe Bar

Reviewed by Patricia Simms-Reeve Neuroscience is universally engaged in the study of the fascinating organ that is our brain. An eminent expert in this field, Moshe Bar, has produced a book that is claimed to be the first to deal with a particular area of brain function – Mindwandering.  He has attempted to make this

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The Ghost Tattoo by Tony Bernard

Reviewed by Richard Tutin Those who survived the Holocaust of World War II have, over the years, slowly told their stories. For some, the trauma they suffered has been such that there has been a reluctance to say anything about it because of the pain they have suffered and are still suffering. Tony Bernard’s father

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Author Event – Emma Viskic

The Avid Reader at West End is hosting an author event with Emma Viskic.  Emma is the author of the Caleb Zelic series.  Three of the books have been reviewed by QRC.  To read the reviews. click on the title – And Fire Came Down; Darkness for Light and Those Who Perish [her latest book]. Those Who Perish A remote

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