The Suitcase of Belonging – Twinkl Originals

Reviewed by Patricia Simms-Reeve

In the very competitive educational resource field, the exciting news is that the English-based ‘Twinkl’ has arrived in Australia offering materials that are Australian Curriculum-aligned.

The initial impression is that it is an excellent tool for teachers. The fact that one of the first books in the Twinkl Originals collection is called The Suitcase of Belonging is an indication of the philosophy that is steering Twinkl. It is an acknowledgment of the awareness that a lonely or unhappy child is unable to learn successfully. Friendship brings a sense of belonging and, hopefully, positive outcomes.

The concept of an empty suitcase being taken home and returned with personally significant objects to the child is a valuable activity. It gives the group an opportunity for insight, connection, cultural awareness and perhaps leads to respectful acceptance.

An enthusiastic teacher can make use of the copious extension material available. Support for the teacher as well as activity sheets are available alongside this eBook and are all linked to the Australian curriculum. The activities range from basic colouring-in to more challenging ‘My Artefact’ and Comprehension cards.

This little book is an eBook, but can also be printed out and bound to create a physical version with clear colourful illustrations on every page. Although the text would, for most younger children, be read aloud by the teacher, its vocabulary is stimulating in its appeal. Hondo, the main character, and his class are multicultural – Iranian, Korean, French, African…. a celebration of difference. The children’s important objects give an interesting slant, including food, colourful scarves, a grass skirt, and a ball made from plants.

Hondo’s spirits lift when, finally, he brings drawings in the suitcase. His talent for beautiful drawing is admired and he finds a friend.

The Twinkl publishing organisation has won the Queen’s award for Enterprise in International Trade. This is not surprising. This example is convincing evidence of an outstanding scheme to enhance and foster early learning.

Fortunate are the children, indeed, who enjoy the richness of the Twinkl Originals product.


 TWINKL ORIGINALS (2021).        

Digital format.



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