August 2022

General Fiction

The Bellbird River Country Choir by Sophie Green

Reviewed by Wendy Lipke For a novel of this type, the beginning of the book has to be chapters which for a while seem totally unconnected. At first what begins to connect the characters and their stories, is the location, a small country town in New South Wales not far from Tamworth. But even so,

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Little Species, Big Mystery by Debbie Argue

Reviewed by Ian Lipke Little Species, Big Mystery is the story of Homo Floresiensis – in other words, the hominid. 2004 was a special year for mankind for until then we remained in ignorance of the knowledge that our little cousin, the hominid, lived, until 52500 years ago, in our backyard. Specifically, he flourished on

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The Witness by Tom Gilling

Reviewed by Ian Lipke This is the nonfictional account of the precarious lives led by Australian prisoners of war at the infamous Sandakan POW camp in Borneo in WW2. It purports to tell the story through the eyes of Warrant Officer Bill Sticpewich’s, whom some see as a hero, others as a collaborator. The story

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A Guide to the Creatures in Your Neighbourhood

Reviewed by Wendy Lipke This 273-page book, The Urban Field Naturalist Project, was produced through the collaboration of experts in the life and environmental sciences, design and digital technology who wish to help people notice and appreciate the wildlife in their urban environment. At the heart of the book is an effort to describe and

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Masked Histories by Leah Lui-Chivizhe

Reviewed by Ian Lipke People find any number of ways to release meaning from within artifacts that are held to conceal secrets. Not least among these have been the turtle shell masks that were at one time found in their hundreds on the beaches of the islands of the Torres Strait. For many years traders

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