Indie Book of the Year 2023

Winner of the Indie Book of the Year – Craig Silvey

Our congratulations to Craig Silvey for his winning the Indie Book of the Year – and the Children’s Book of the Year category – with Runt.

Craig Silvey says of his win:

‘Thirteen years after Jasper Jones was awarded Book Of The Year, it bears reiterating that I owe my career to the support of Australia’s independent bookstores. It means the world to have earned the endorsement of so many insightful and dedicated booksellers, and I will always be grateful for their willingness to share their enthusiasm for my writing with Australian readers.

My appreciation has never been more pronounced than now. I am profoundly honoured and deeply proud that RUNT has won the 2023 Indie Book Awards Book Of The Year.

I began writing RUNT in a time when I needed my own dose of comfort and guidance, and I found it in the admirable determination and relentless optimism of Annie Shearer and her best friend, Runt.’

QRC has reviewed both Runt and Honeybee.  To read the reviews, click on the title.

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🤞 Want to get the latest book reviews in your inbox?

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