Time After Time by Karly Lane

Reviewed by Wendy Lipke

Time After Time is the twenty-first novel by Karly Lane to be published by Allen & Unwin. Her novels range from romantic suspense to family saga, and she is passionate about writing stories that embrace rural Australia and the vast communities within it. Most of her stories are a blending of contemporary stories with historical heritage.

This story begins with the grandmother of the Croydon family telling her relatives that she was leaving her husband of sixty years because she had finally realised that if she didn’t go out and chase her dreams now, she never would. Her granddaughter Alice offers her a place to stay, and the story then becomes about Alice and her life. Her grandmother has always had an influence on her life and Alice has the feeling that this bombshell that has been dropped on the family was ‘about to shake up a lot more than just one couple’s marriage’ (15).

Alice lives with Finn, her boyfriend from school days, on a street jokingly referred to as ‘Little Croydonville’.  Alice and Finn are planning to marry soon and Alice has just completed designing and producing her amazing wedding gown. She works for Chic Chateau where she had hoped to gain valuable experience for her own designing aspirations. However, things had stalled, and it looked like her dreams of a designing career would never be accomplished. An unexpected visitor will cause Alice to make a heart wrenching decision which will dramatically impact her life.

The book is divided into three parts. Part One introduces the characters to the reader as well as providing a little of the history of this country town. Part Two follows Alice when she has come to a crossroads and a new path has been chosen. The final part brings Alice back to her hometown, to new challenges.

This is an interesting story with believable characters depicting life in a small country town in Australia, where work is to be found in one major industry (in this case mining), or on the land. Contrast is provided in Part Two which depicts life in a very competitive industry, in a major overseas international city. The concept of revitalising small towns once the major employer has departed is addressed in the final section and the mystery concerning who sent the photo which triggered the dramatic change to Alice’s life is finally resolved.

This story also highlights how the role of women in marriage and working life has changed over time especially in country areas, where change often comes at a slower pace.

Any links or similarities to other works are openly acknowledged.

This new rural romance book is from the bestselling author with over 500,000 books sold and therefore is well crafted. This is an interesting story about family, traditional expectations and a dislike of change; female assertiveness and chasing your dreams; and the impact one can make with a little imagination and a drive to make a change for those living away from the city lights.

Before embarking on a writing career Karly Lane worked as a pathology collector. Her passion for rural Australia, with a focus on rural communities and current issues is clearly evident in her latest offering, Time After Time.

Time after Time


By Karly Lane

Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 978-1-76106-611-5

$29.99; 408pp

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