That’s Not My Rocket by Fiona Watt

Reviewed by Patricia Simms-Reeve

Usborne’s publishing for children is in highest regard internationally as their sales continue to  exceed the millions. Fiona Watt’s series of That’s Not My…. alone has totalled over 6,000,000 so it is not surprising that this latest addition to the collection of touchy-feely books for little readers is a winner. As with the extensive Usborne library, it is written by an author and an illustrator with educational experience and high qualifications.

Colourful, very sturdy, and introducing words such as, lumpy, sparkly, and smooth, it aims to appeal to toddlers, both boys and girls. Recognising that the attention span of this age group is often brief, it consists of just five different pages, which is another engaging feature.

Yet another attractive aspect of this small book is that the rocket is piloted by a little mouse, which is both amusing but imaginative as well.

A child who enjoys That’s Not My Rocket could quite soon memorise the text, which encourages the idea that they are on the road to being a reader and then, perhaps, want to investigate others in this delightful series!

That’s Not My Rocket


by Fiona Watt

Usborne GB

ISBN 978 1 47499 603 7

$14.99; 10pp

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