I am Lupe by Sela Ahosivi-Atiola

Reviewed by Rod McLary

This charming book for young children addresses and affirms diversity and the intrinsic value of each of us regardless of any differences we may have from those around us.

Lupe attends school and notices that she looks different from the other children – and they too notice the differences.  She is asked in the direct and enquiring manner that children have: ‘what are you’, are you this’, and ‘are you that’?.  Lupe is unable to answer but asks her mother ‘what am I?’ and is told that she ‘is many wonderful things’ and that she ‘is enough’.

Celebrating that we are all different but all have wonderful qualities, this book is an affirmation for any child who feel apart from their peers.  Beautifully illustrated by Yani Augustina with simple but colourful pictures, it would be a delight for younger children who are beginning to read – and also for those children who love being read to.

The author of the book – Sela Ahosivi-Atiola – is Tongan-Australian and is an early childhood educator in Sydney.  She is also a mother and is consequently well-placed to write a book which provides such a positive affirmation to any child who may feel or look different.  The book is supported by extensive Teachers Resources and an Activity Sheet.

Well-recommended to all those who love reading to children and all those children who love reading.

I Am Lupe

by Sela Ahosivi-Atiola


Lothian Children’s Books

ISBN 978 073442 251 8

$24.99; 34pp


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