Rainbow Saurus by Steve Antony

Reviewed by Antonella Townsend

When writing for very small children colour is a vital component, worldly logic need not be applied to the narrative. Those enviable little people are free spirits, living in a universe of possibility, no suspension of disbelief needed.

Rainbow Saurus by Steve Antony is full of colour and movement as he introduces a selection of creatures and the sounds they make and, of course, the colours of the rainbow.

An illustrator is not listed so I’m assuming that Steve Antony is responsible for text and pictures.  The illustrations are uncomplicated depictions of people and animals.  The people consist of two adult males and three children, a toddler plus two older children.   The creatures range broadly: a cow, a snake, a frog, a pig, a bear, a turkey, a duck, a sheep, a donkey, a rooster and eventually the Rainbowsaurus.  All of whom sport different colours of a rainbow, accompanied by the sounds they make.

The storyline begins with an invitation to find the Rainbowsaurus and so the human characters climb onto a rainbow that forms the path for their quest.  Page by page they are joined by the various creatures listed above.  The cow is the first to join the parade, and, of course, much mooing ensues, along with the text “Rainbowsaurus, where are you?”  Other animals follow, and join the list of sounds that the small reader is making and memorizing, while learning the colours of a rainbow.  Turns out the Rainbowsaurus is right behind them and towards the end of the search he roars a rainbow-coloured roar.  Everyone climbs on board and off they go.

No boring black and white logic, just fun.  And noise.  And, subtly breaking down the norm of a mother and father family, by representing a family with two male caretakers.

Rainbow Saurus

by Steve Antony


Hachette Children’s Books


ISBN: 978 144496 451 6

$26.99; 32pp


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