Roobee Roo by Nico and Candy Robertson

Reviewed by Antonella Townsend

The author who presented the world with the first indestructible cardboard baby book should be awarded a Noble Prize for Literature.

Saving parents from the inevitable task of rescuing baby’s first set of books from a torn and soggy death, while simultaneously, placing tiny feet on the path of literacy, is a valuable achievement as infant reading time is a vital stage in a child’s future development.

In the tradition of indestructible books, the latest in the Roobee Roo and friends series is a welcomed addition.  Roobee Roo: Friends at the Library is a clever and appealing story about books, libraries, and creating your own book.

Roobee introduces herself and her magical pouch to the reader, on the next page asks if they can guess what she is doing today.  Well, she is helping Kala find a new book to read at the library.  Books about various subjects are suggested along with lovely colourful illustrations.  Kala, apparently, is not too interested in all the suggestions, each presented on a separate page.  She rejects a book about nature, space, farms, and bush babies.  Roobee Roo finally comes up with an idea – they will create their own book about friends on an adventure at the library.  This is just the book Kala is looking for.

There it is – authors Nico and Candy Robertson talking to would-be readers and authors.

Roobee Roo: Friends at the Library

by Nico and Candy Robertson


Hachette Australia

Board Book

ISBN: 978-0-7344-2234-7

$14.99; 24pp


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