Lights Out, Little Dragon by Debra Tidball

Reviewed by Gail McDonald

This is a fabulous book for young children loaded with many opportunities for the reader to engage the child in discussion about the story and to be an active player in it as well.

Lights Out, Little Dragon engages the child from the first page, inviting them to help as the dragon just won’t go to sleep by counting the sheep, then to trace a path for the sheep to escape.

Finally after many opportunities to take part in the story by blowing away the clouds, finding the dragon’s dinosaur and dimming the lights, he goes to sleep. Or does he?

This is a really imaginative story aided by the soft colours used in the illustrations and a relatable story line about one cheeky little dragon trying to beat bedtime.

Debra Tidball is a Sydney based author who has written other children’s books such as When I See Grandma, The Scared Book and Anchored.

Rae Tan was born and raised in Singapore and uses mainly watercolour in her illustrations.

Lights Out, Little Dragon

by Debra Tidball; Illust’d by Rae Tan


Harper Collins

ISBN 978 146076 342 1

$24.99; 32pp

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