All You Need to Know about Dogs by A. Cat [and Fred Blunt]

Reviewed by Wendy Lipke

 The cover of All You Need to Know About Dogs says that the book is by A. Cat. Among the publishing details inside the book, in tiny font, is the sentence ‘Fred Blunt has asserted his right to be identified as the author and illustrator of this work’.

Turning the first page the reader is faced with an illustration of a grey cat with a disdainful look on its face, sitting on a fence, looking down at a dog who obviously wants to play. The text reads Dogs are STUPID. The facing page carries the words The End.

The following pages set out to convince the reader of the cat’s opinion. The cat sets the dog several tasks which have him running into a smelly muddy pond and a paddock with fresh manure which the dog is seen rolling in. Several other behaviours are illustrated – chasing a squirrel, a butterfly and its own tail as well as its interaction with another dog.

The cat then points out the various TYPES of dogs, highlighting size, appearance, colour, and personality with the statement ‘You won’t mistake a cat for a hot dog, that’s for sure’, before pointing out some of the positive attributes of cats until….!

The book finishes with an acknowledgement that dogs are loyal and a best friend you can have.

This hard covered 255cm square book is full of humour. The paper on the inside of the front and back covers and the facing pages display dog paws and there are no page numbers visible throughout the book.

Children will love this book.

All You Need to Know About Dogs


by A. Cat (Fred Blunt)

Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc.


$19.99; 34pp

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